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Ian Vail

Ian taught for 8 years as a Geography and English teacher at Matamata College. [He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and History and a Diploma of Teaching.] In his last two years there he was the Head of the Geography Department. In June 1981 he and his wife were challenged toward mission work. Their testimony during this period of their life is thrilling to hear. The story of God at work miraculously in the lives of His people.

Ian and Tania attended Bible College of New Zealand during 1982 and 1983 where Ian completed three years of study in New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew as well as other papers in Biblical exegesis, overviews of the Old and New Testaments, and missiology. He has a Diploma of Biblical Languages.

In 1984 Ian and Tania joined Wycliffe Bible Translators, taking their training for SIL School in Melbourne. After a long wait for visas they and their 2 daughters arrived in Indonesia early 1987 to begin a translation project with the Rongkong people of Sulawesi. The Vails were remarkably led to work with the Rongkong by the Spirit of God. While undertaking and extensive language survey of the region, Ian also taught linguistics and English at Universitas Hassanuddin in Ujung Pandang. Ian and Tania began the translation project for the Rongkong in 1990, but 10 months after starting lost their permits to work in the remote rural areas.

In 1993 the Vails lost their visas. So being unable to continue their work in Indonesia, the Vail family returned to NZ and Ian took up a pastoral role in Matamata Baptist Church. He pastored for three years during which time he also spoke to students on university campuses around the nation about the work of Bible Translation.

Ian became the Executive Director for Wycliffe Bible Translators (NZ) in September 1996. During his time as Director of WBTNZ, Ian turned around Wycliffe’s public image by developing a series of exciting “Resourcing the Church” seminars. Ian has extensive experience in preaching and teaching and is a very able communicator to all age groups.

Ian is back now in Indonesia and working primarily in Scripture Use. Wycliffe have two goals - everybody to HAVE the Word of God in their language and to USE it. Ian is now working with all churches in Indonesia to raise passion for Word of God from a deeper understanding of it. He is currently teaching a layered series of practical sessions called Deeper Bible which train people how to dig into their Bible deeper. Deeper Bible training is available in Indonesia simply by contact us and working out the details of how to run it for your church or group. In 2015 it will also be available for churches and groups in New Zealand. In Indonesia I have a team working with me, in NZ I will be on my own. Be patient. For details in the new year contact the Wycliffe Office in NZ -  

BIBLE GEMZ are a result of Ian's live Quiet Time three times a week in English (posted Mon, Wed, Fri) and three times a week in Indonesian (posted Tues, Thurs, Sat). The Gemz / Permata illustrate the process of Deeper Bible. 

QUOTES are what I add at the bottom of each Gemz or Permata. Many pastors and others have told me they are very helpful. So we have decided to post them to the website separately with a means of searching the person who made the quote or the topic of the quote. This is still a work in progress because there are so many of them. I have a team working with me on completing this task.

Keep watching the Berean Insights website. I will develop other categories of interest for you in time.   I intend to place the finished DEEPER BIBLE training package on the website along wiht the GOD'S AWESOME BOOK Seminar I created in both Englsih and Indonesian. In addition to that and the next to be developed will be STORIES and NUGGETS. The STORIES are taken from the Radio stories I shared weekly on Radio Rhema NZ over three years concerning "What God was Doing in the World".  The NUGGETS are the articles I have written for JPCC's monthly magazine since May 2006. These two slots will appear on the Website in the near future. I figure I might as well make this material I have produced over the years available for use.